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Enchanted Hentai
1. Art updates featuring naughty princesses twice per week!
(Monday, Thursday) Our art is 100 percent NEW and created exclusively for Enchanted Hentai.com!

2. A non-profit atmosphere that is focused on fantasy fans and drawing their ideas!
You'll find we're not your typical hentai community. Unlike other adult websites, which are only interested in making a buck, Enchanted Hentai is a non-profit
community of artists and fans. 100 percent of all the money we receive goes towards creating new art! The more resources we have, the more art we make! ^_^
And if that wasn't cool enough, 50 percent of all art we create is decided by our membership! A lot of other websites claim to have fan driven content, but we
have over a hundred pages of art that prove we really mean it. At EnchantedHentai.com, every single community member gets a turn deciding
who we should draw in our Fan Request gallery!

3. Affordable and flexible prices that won't hurt your wallet!
$10.95 USD - $14.95 USD per month, depending on payment option selected! The longer the subscription, the more you save!
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1 month - $14.95 Trial Account
Become an Enchanted Hentai APPRENTICE! You get access to all our art, but can't make Fan Requests. This subscription is for newbies and will NOT renew.
1 month - $14.95 per month
Become an ENCHANTER! You get access to all our art and can make requests of your favorite Disney or Dreamworks characters! This subscription will renew until canceled.
3 months - $12.95 per month
SHARP SAVINGS! ENCHANTERS that sign up with us for multiple months get a discount! This subscription will renew until canceled.
6 months - $10.95 per month
SUPREME SAVINGS! ENCHANTERS that sign up with us for the long haul save a bundle! This subscription will renew until canceled.

For those of you that are wary about subscribing to an adult website, we understand how you feel. Before Enchanted Hentai existed, we fans just like you and
had memberships with other adult websites. We saw firsthand how some employed cheap tactics like forcing people to jump through a million hoops before they
could cancel their subscriptions.

You'll get none of that crap here at Enchanted Hentai. We offer a one month trial account that won't automatically renew. If you decide that our website is not for you,
there's nothing you need to do. Your trial account will simply expire on its own at the end of the month. And if you pick a longer subscription option that does renew,
canceling is as simple as a few button clicks!

The way we see it, our website's quality speaks for itself and we're confident that if you do us the honor of joining our community, you'll like what we're about and
want to stay. We're very proud of the art we've made, and the community we have, and we hope you'll consider becoming a part of it! ^_^

Below is some of the art currently available in our
character galleries!
Here is a peek at some of the awesome Fan Requests
being made! These sexy images were all requested by
members of our community!
Pretty pictures are great, of course, but we know that
many of you want something to stimulate your brain
as well as your loins!
Pinups are the backbone of EnchantedHentai.com, but our
pride and joy are undoubtedly our comics.Click below
to read examples of our comic pages!

Gallery updates featuring the hottest Disney and Dreamworks babes, 26 girls with more on the way! CLICK HERE to see the lineup!
New Fan Requests are being released in the gallery each month! Become an ENCHANTER today and tell us what YOU want us to draw!
Expanded art updates! The website launched with 2 updates per week, but when we get enough members, we hope to add more!

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